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Quatern: Determination


With thanks to Gay Rieser Cannon in the dVerse pub, who challenged us to write a Quatern. A Quatern comprises four quatrains of eight syllables per line with the first line repeated in each verse as the second line in the second verse, third line in the third verse and fourth line in the fourth verse … wow ~ nice one, Gay.
Day Three Hundred Thirty-two

Have you seen determination
On the face of smallest children?
Not to countenance frustration
They’ve a goal, a destination.

There’s no cause for consternation
Have you seen determination?
And no tiny apprehension
In big eyes illumination.

And there is no prohibition,
S/he’s created the decision.
Have you seen determination?
Edges forward with elation.

Process of elimination,
From paying utmost attention
There is less and less confusion.
Have you seen determination?

Polly Robinson © 2012

38 thoughts on “Quatern: Determination

  1. GREAT pic — the “tion” rhyme was a heavy challenge.

  2. Loved this. Cute pic, too!

  3. ha, fun. kids are cool…and i have seen that look on their faces as they study the world around them….everything so new…cool use of the form polly…

  4. If only we could maintain such steadfast determination when we’re older instead of letting that old self-doubt creep in!

    By the way, Polly, can you give me your Facebook page link again? I’m switching all my ‘likes’ to come from my public page, and I can’t find yours when I search. Too many Pollys I guess. :)

  5. Oh, that’s so true, Carrie ~ mind you, there are some bloody-minded types out there who never got over themselves (!) heh-heh :)

    FB page is: https://www.facebook.com/PollyRobi Personal profile is: https://www.facebook.com/polly.robinson

  6. ah, kids are awesome. so pure… and when they set their mind on something they’re (almost) unstoppable.
    great work!

    • You’re so right, Miriam, they get that look about them and just go for it, wonderful really. And identifiable anywhere in the world ~ fab ~ thank you so much for visiting and commenting :)

  7. Love this. Some children DEFINITELY are determined at an early age!! Nice quatern.

  8. awww this is awesome :) lurv it!

  9. Great work on the form and rhyming words (-ions) ~

    He is cute to have that look of determination ~

  10. Lovely work on this quatern and indeed I have seen that look in my children’s eyes! You created your quatern very well!

  11. They have a way of getting what they want ….as if on a mission….pretty quartern..

  12. ..very good subject to go with the form… and who can resist that look of a child showing to the world a true and living proof of determination… ah, truly an inspiration… enjoyed it…smiles…

    • heh-heh, thank you very much Kelvin, you made me smile ~ so lovely to see children doing things they do the world over ~ no mistaking our babes ‘eh? Glad you enjoyed my quatern. :)

  13. oh smiles…that reminded me of my eldest daughter when she was about two years old…really, that determination you’re writing about…made me so smile..

    • Isn’t it wonderful to see worldwide recognition for this one, Claudia ~ my kids’ ‘look’ involved their tiny chins jutting forward too ~ determination? You bet :)

  14. Hi Polly, nice to meet you, great Quantern, cool pic,
    i just had my godson explain to my why it is so important for his well being that he gets a penguin for christmas,
    your poem reminded me of his face, made me smile,
    wish you a wonderful day,

    • Hi Franza, good to meet you too ~ I know just what you mean re the look on your godson’s face, earnest and disingenuous at best ‘eh, peeping up from under his (no doubt) long eyelashes ~ melts your heart :) Bet he gets his penguin :)
      Thanks for visiting and following, I’ll be following you too ~ loved your poem for dVerse.

  15. I have seen that determination in little Mira…to grab a toy, turn over on her tummy, etc. It’s thrilling for me to witness it. So nice, Polly..I love what you did here.

    • Aw, how lovely to see that little Mira’s already got it, that little set to the chin and glint in the eye ~ unmistakeable ~ give her a big hug from me, Gayle :) Glad you liked the poem btw (!)

  16. Oh, yes, I have. I can see the adorable child in the picture does, too.

  17. Think I might look at trying one of these… Effective technique.

    • … and … you can re-use that great list of words that you did for Sean O’Brien’s exercise * grins* :D

      Must say, I really enjoyed this one ~ and when I saw the pic of that ace child on zemanta, just couldn’t resist :)

  18. Fabulous! I love the determined poem and the determined cute face!! The feeling really transmits through your words :)

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