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I’m not much of a one for contentious language, hence the asterisks. I think you’ll know what I mean.

Against fracking 01

Against fracking (Photo credit: Bosc d’Anjou)

Say it as you will
Fracking seems to me
To be
A cross between
F***ing and sh**ging

They insert gas into cracks
And then blow rocks up

Say it as you will
Fracking seems to me
To be
A cross between
F***ing and sh**ging

Polly Robinson © 2012

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28 thoughts on “Fracking

  1. Well, this one certainly gets the attention. And I can’t argue with your logic. :)

  2. Oh dear – my poems must often offend with their lack of asterisks! lol. Sorreeeee….
    And yes, “fracking” is a peculiar word…. I hear what you’re saying with this!

    • heh-heh … no offence to me m’dear … but you never know !)

      • Language is an interesting topic – probably more for discussion other places than here. I think, as writers, we all take our own choices as to what we feel is appropriate in our own work and for the audience we’d hope to attract. Like what is character-appropriate in a novel or film and what is gratuitous (and I know we’ve talked about that!).

        If anyone was ever offended by my work then they have a choice to speak to me about what troubles them (or indeed not read it in future). I’d like to hope I’d be sensitive about anyone’s feelings.

        On a lighter note, I’m guessing this one is not for spoken word then? ;)

        • Def not for spoken word ~ I totally agree, language is a fascinating topic, I could go on about it for hours (!)

          I believe that some people might make contact if they were offended and that some would vote with their feet and not bother with any explanation. I also think that even asterisked words can offend some ~ and would not wish to do that ~ but it’s the language that led to the poem in this instance, so I couldn’t do without those specific words!

          Thanks for your thoughts, Holly :)

          • Oh yeah – I agree, people do indeed vote with their feet. And that’s their prerogative – we are all entitled to our opinions, and I recognise that I am unlikely to be a poet to always appeal to those who are easily offended. We can’t please all of the people all of the time… as the saying goes. However, words are only effective if used in an appropriate context: certain of my poems simply don’t work without them – for my own work, euphemisms or asterisks would lose the character voice. But of course, that’s just my work and we all have our differing styles which are equally valuable.

            But I do find it offensive when people put words and images in seemingly randomly or for shock value – “Ooooh let’s all swear cos it’s big and clever and edgy!” – that’s just lazy writing. And we none of us want to write or read that! ;)

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  4. Agreed this fracking thing is DISGUSTING!!!! I Wish we could get off the grid.

  5. I love this. The repetition is really strong, like Stein’s “a rose is a rose is a rose” and then the middle bit is great: It seems to say: “It’s as simple as that, get it, stooped!” Really well done Polly, thanks for this. (Just watched that trailer and saw the guy lighting his water tap: How scary is that?!)

    • That video is so scary, ‘eh, Roland? I didn’t realise how widespread this process is … had no idea that it’s going on all over Europe.

      Thanks for commenting on the structure of the poem ~ good that you found it of interest. Even a few words of protest can add to all the other voices decrying and deploring fracking.

  6. I love this poem!! It made me laugh! Now – at the risk of being contentious- I would love to hear this in the spoken word. I think it would be a shocking as the fracking process!

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