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Magpie so proud
Waistcoat ~ loud ~
You stalk your way over the lawn
Fetch the worms
And tip warm eggs
Of nests
You miserable bird

Polly Robinson © 2013

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30 thoughts on “Magpie

  1. Shameless things, really, what they do to other birds.

  2. My grandma, who was a most peaceful woman and farmer, hated magpies. She said they took baby chicks as well (or at the very least pecked them to death), plus any shiny things you had lying around. Of course, I had the city-dwellers romantic view and kept syaing: ‘But they are so pretty…’

  3. No one likes a bully… ;)

  4. You should do a book with Birds of Britain – a photo and a poem for each!

  5. Great poem – and to the point!!!

  6. I loved the end line – to be said with such scorn! ;)

  7. We have swarms of them around our way. They’re dicks!

  8. The Midwestern equivalent *also Northeastern* is probably the blue jay. They swoop down and bully other, sweeter birds off the bird feeders. The way this thing is running, there can be nothing good about that feathered FIEND! Thanks, Polly! Amy


    • You’re right Amy. Both blue jays and magpies belong to the family Corvidae. They are beautiful to look at, gorgeous, stunning, but … beneath the exquisite exterior lurks malice … as you say ‘feathered fiends’ ~ such is nature.

  9. mischievous winged-ones. we have crows of the corvid family, and starlings- cosmopolitan omnivores- wreaking it up.
    great read, Polly!

  10. ha. makes you wonder who messed his life up enough that he must take it out on the rest….why is he miserable….

  11. But they’re so pretty~ :-)

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