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He Calls


Over at dVerse, Brian Miller is our host for ‘Poetics‘ this week and asks us to write about monsters …

Maybe the monster’s ‘scary or hides under the bed until all the lights are out.
‘Maybe it’s human. Maybe it’s not. All I know is that at the end of this … there is a monster,’ says Brian, ‘Is it hairy with big teeth? What does it eat?’

He Calls

The temperature rises,
crows caw, ground thaws, the moon is full.
The Lenten moon of winter.

A bark.
He calls.

Teeth. Filthy, dripping teeth.
Werewolves change form beneath
the Full Crow Moon of winter.

Eyebrows meet at the bridge of his nose,
he grows bristles under his tongue.
No tail, swinging stride, a gaze to paralyse.

He strips off his clothes, his man clothes,
piles them by the roadside,
pees around them in a circle, satisfied,

he turns, howls, bounds to the woods.
Tears the flesh from recently interred cadavers,
drinks the blood of wounded soldiers.

He’s a corpse returned from
the grave
to fornicate.

She’s out all night. Doors and locks
spring open at her approach.
Wolf-women acquire

a dreadful desire for human flesh,
devour their own children
and those of others.

Strength, speed, stealth … shy, sly killers,
cochineal eyes,
bloodied teeth.

Watch out! Silver tipped canes create bubbling burns,
that make them yearn
for the silver bullet to the brain.

It’s merely a myth, simply a shape shift,
a bite, a scratch,
from one transformed …

A bark.
He calls.

Hide your babies,
Lycaon serves human flesh
To Zeus.

Polly Robinson © 2013

Français : Le roi lycaon changé en loup par Ze...

Français : Le roi lycaon changé en loup par Zeus, Gravure du XVIe siècle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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66 thoughts on “He Calls

  1. ha…zeus surprised me in the close…and oh heck..devouring the own children made me shiver..what a dark write…glad i don’t have to go outside any more for today…

  2. creepy!
    loved the last stanza, Polly… gave me goosebumps…

  3. What a myth of the shape shifter ~ S/he is a monster if it involves devouring babies ~

  4. geezz….yeah hide your babies…ha…that he pees around his clothes was an interesting early touch in this….the corpse returned to fornicate jumped at me as well…interesting the myth link there in the end as well..esp considering zeus’ fabled shape shifting as well…

  5. This was scary…I like your monsters, Polly.

  6. Scary, but oh so beautifully written… reads out loud wonderfully. I especially like the first stanza.

    • Kinda sets it up slowly, I think :)

      Glad you think it’s a performance poem, Laurie, since I’ll be doing just that next Wednesday. An earlier version would have been read on the night of the ‘Worm Moon’ 27 March had I not been the stand-in MC on that night (scary!)

  7. Interesting to think of Zeus as shapeshifter in this context. And like Brian, the pees bit caught my early attention.

  8. ha ha…peeing around his clothes…quite satisfied…I suppose he needs to find them later when he changes back… but very scary this Zeus character!

  9. Polly, no one does dark like you. Loved this. Well, loved it while it made me shudder and shiver ;)

  10. Excellent job, Polly…you brought your monster to life…now how do I get to sleep tonight?

  11. First time reader Polly, you do dark so well and the last stanza… creeped me out :-) Well done.

    • Hi there, looks like your name is Jenny (with apols if I’ve got that wrong) ~ thank you for visiting and welcome to my blog ~ always good to see new people here and at dVerse, the best poetry pub on the web imho :)

      Thank you also for your comments ~ I like that I ‘creeped you out’ ~ heh-heh

  12. I really like this, Polly. Some fantastic sounds echoing through the lines. Others have mentioned his peeing round his man clothes (man clothes very creepy!) before bounding off to the woods – find that whole image scary. One question: why do doors, locks spring open when she approaches? Is that her power? Otherwise, I thought they’d be slamming shut. They would be if I was behind one of them! Great stuff.

    • Ooooh … Lindsay … it IS her power that makes doors and locks spring open at her approach … can you imagine how scary THAT is if you’ve barricaded yourself and your children in against her? Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

      Glad you like it … I’m a bit partial to it myself ;)

  13. I would love to hear you read this one – especially on a dark winters night!! ))shivers((

  14. Jeez! You paint a wicked picture of werewolves! Nicely done, Polly!

    • heh-heh … they are wicked Charles … can’t do them any other way!

      • Uh-huh! I write about them in a more romantic vein. Have you read any of Robert McCammon’s books? The part of yours that talks about war makes me think you might have. McCammon is an awesome writer, and many of his books are about werewolves.

        • Not that I recall, Charles, but read many and varied things in my misspent youth (!) I’ve just had a look at the on Amazon, is there one you’d recommend over others?

          • The Wolf’s Hour and it’s sequel, The Hunter of the Woods, are two of his best werewolf novels. Gone South and Boy’s Life are not werewolf novels, but two of the best books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a LOT of books.

            • Thank you Charles ~ I’ve ordered The Wolf’s Hour and will let you know what I think of it in due course ~ I see one of the reviewers is not keen on The Hunter of the Woods, more, it seems, because it’s a series of short stories than for any other expressed reason … thanks again :)

          • Also! If you’re interested, click on the “Changed” a series of wolf poems, on the right side of my blog home page. My own werewolf poems.

  15. What is at the core of painting such a frightening perspective through your verse? Loved the smart writing nonetheless.


    • Shakti, how kind of you to both ‘like’ my poem He Calls and to ask such an interesting question.

      I am eternally curious and do much research into many topics ~ I write what I discover and very much enjoy doing so ~ thank you again for both visiting and commenting.

  16. Oh, this is a very eerie write…the stuff of chilling nightmares indeed!

  17. This is just terrifying, Polly. k.

  18. Well written story of a true monster; can’t think of anything scarier that a baby killer/eater…..shivers and goosebumps!

  19. I love the creepy images in your poem. Glad I’m in for the night after reading this and the other monster poems :-0

    • heh-heh … great to see you love the creepy images ~ best to be in for the night if you’re going to read some of my writing ~ good to make your acquaintance, Linda.

      Thanks for visiting and for your comments, you’re welcome any time ~ Polly :)

  20. Wow!! That was powerful. The imagery was amazing.

  21. Enjoyed this. The image of the “peeing around” clothes was interesting. And I liked the “hark, bark… ”

  22. Wow, that was kind of scary. And I don’t think I was supposed to, but I laughed out loud when he peed around his clothes :-). Very visual!

    • heh-heh … glad you found it scary, in between laughing your socks off at him peeing around his clothes!

      Thanks for all the ‘likes’, you have been catching up :)

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