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Steaming Tea



Day 21 Napowrimo, at dVerse Poetics Claudia is talking of springtime. And on the ‘Imaginary Garden with Real Toads‘ they’re focusing on World Earth Day, 22 April 2013, for their open link Monday.

on fewer
Beneath clarity: a sky of
blueness mirroring springtime
in a slew of white
feathered streaks.

Birds trill, trees bud,
cyclamen leaves peek.
Lambs shout to their ma’s.
Soft, soft, the
wood pigeon calls.
Oh, and the daffodils,
the daffodils,
the glorious yellow trumpeting

As my tea steams
in the chill morning air,
I look around
and beam,
at work
to begin.

Polly Robinson © 2013

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66 thoughts on “Steaming Tea

  1. Love the little lambs. A poem of happiness and joy.

  2. oh nice…love the glorious trumpeting
    daffodils….such a cool image…and the lambs…ah….spring is such a beautiful time of new life…

  3. Oh Polly, you have Spring creeping up on us softly and dreamlike. And of course, one cannot go wrong with Daffodils!

    A lovely way to lead up to that first cup of tea with which to reflect!

  4. work calls indeed: first ants’ nest of the year invading the kitchen
    our woodpigeons sound raucous rather than soft
    but the daffs do indeed trumpet and the tete-a-tetes shake their little heads becomingly
    All yin and yang.

  5. Oh! The potential of it all! Nice one :)

  6. No….no work on a day such as this Polly!

  7. Yes indeed, frost surprises on FEWER mornings. I hear you on that. But still there are some mornings here…like THIS morning. Sigh. But those daffodils remind us that it won’t be long…. Love the images in your poem, as I drink not tea but coffee….

  8. I could stay all day in this place you created, love it :)

  9. Another one full of sensory delights. Perfect for a Sunday morning.

  10. This is gorgeous, Polly… I especially like all the sounds in the second stanza.

  11. I am waiting for those glorious daffodils ~ I specially like the last verse, full of anticipation ~

  12. Lambs shout to their ma’s – your second stanza is gorgeous and as I sit with my heater off (as we are in Autumn here – but it feels like winter) I melted into your spring. Thanks Polly.

  13. a lovely tribute to spring. I could hear (within its repetition) the trumpeting of the daffodils.

  14. Beautiful! In my mind I can hear your voice reading this one ;)

  15. To coin a phrase – this really is my cup of tea! I loved it. :)

  16. God, I wish I were a morning person… ;)
    Like this very much Polly.

    • Springtime mornings are very beautiful ~ you will see one on Wednesday ;)

      Glad you like ‘Steaming Tea’ ~ and you didn’t mention the tea! heh-heh …

      • Ahhhh, tea – perfect for any time of the day or night. And you’re right about the spring mornings – was out in the countryside on Friday and t’was simply gorgeous….

        • I’ve been doing a bit of gardening today … something so satisfying about tidying up and getting it all ready for the summer ~ haven’t gone mad, but some lovely composty smells around :D

  17. Perfect…love “the work waiting to begin”

  18. ..you give it a good ‘A’….too bad it doesn’t last a lot longer…spring means work, yes, but this makes even that sound pleasant.;)

    • … too bad it didn’t start earlier! I love the workishness that spring seems to bring with it for me, all that sorting, snipping, tidying and the end results … yeah :D

  19. Your love of daffodils is captivating! Love this whole paean to spring, work and all. Amy

  20. you have captured the soft, active beauty of spring! this is wonderful.
    I’d love to hear the lambs shout out. : )

  21. Lovely lovely poem!!

  22. I love how you have infused sounds as well as sights into your lines. I especially appreciated this in the second stanza.

  23. Spring has struggled to arrive, but it has come. I love the inner self that observes the birth of beauty among routine.

  24. The possibilities this offers feel so fresh!

  25. What a beautiful tribute to spring,,all the sights and sounds and the hope toward days ahead.

  26. Oh Polly, tea and daffodils two of my favourite things… loved this!!!

  27. Lambs shout to their ma’s.
    Soft, soft, the
    wood pigeon calls.
    Oh, and the daffodils,

    So full of joy and wonder. A nice change of pace, this earth poem. I’ve been reading many gloomy ones tonight. Thanks for the breath of fresh air (and daffodils)

    • The earth in springtime … doesn’t get much better than that, Margaret.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting ~ and welcome to my blog ~ do come by again :)

  28. Lovely poem – I think spring time is finally here – and talking of steamy tea, I think it’s time to put the kettle on!

  29. Ha! I’m just back from shopping. I think the second best cuppa of the day is the one you make when you get back from shopping :)

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