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Winter Chimes


A revision to an earlier poem:

Winter Chimes

Deathly clear
icy rime around wind chime
is scentless, thin;
tinkle, travel,
ring, unravel,
cold chills close,
ghostly, grim.

Hark! Pay attention!
Wonder at winter chimes;
blustering, gustering
gale sings,
faster and clearer.
Chimes whirl,
wild, wicked, free.

Polly Robinson © 2013

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19 thoughts on “Winter Chimes

  1. Perfect poem for me to read since I’m leaving for warm Miami today. Leaving the ‘cold chills’ and ‘blustering, gustering’ behind for a few days. Yay!

  2. Wow! Miami – warmth, sunshine, sea, how fab … green with envy! Have a fab time, Carrie, don’t spare us a moment’s thought ;) xx

  3. Polly, you have captured the weather so well! Even the south of France is chilled!

    Perhaps another café… :) xx

  4. Oh My Polly! I’m sorry I appear to have stopped following you! Thankfully I have now remedied that situation.

  5. great rhythm and sound. I love the Hark as a turning point. Beautiful poetry, Polly.

  6. Hey Polly – nice “turn” in the second stanza. Whole thing is very eerie. Like this one A LOT.

  7. Polly, the idea of wind chimes left out during winter is great for a poem. I loved the word, “Hark!” Also, the last line is eerie fun. Amy

  8. Lovely–and accurate. It is in the 20s where I am right now! (Farenheit). k.

  9. I can almost feel the holiday spirit that must have touched you to write such a beautiful poem!

  10. Lovely winter poem, loving the rhythm and alliteration :)

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