Writings and Witterings

beside the sea


he sees formal french
or a prussian
blue sea
sees an armada
of silky sailboats
on smooth duvet water
watched by foreign
friends seated
or standing
on soft silver sand
in their sunday best

Polly Robinson © 2013

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25 thoughts on “beside the sea

  1. Nice image painted there. Lovely! :)

  2. nice alliteration!

  3. What delightful painterly qualities in this poem – a visual feast.

  4. Beautiful Polly! It makes me want to get out my brushes… :)

  5. Lovely Polly – you have captured something special – also love the alliteration.

  6. quite picturesque, and a delight to read aloud!

  7. I think I saw this peeking over the edge of my blankets once… Nice.

  8. I like the idea of going out to be seen even if you have no reason to be out! I am such a home body now… it’s SUCH a bad idea!

  9. Lovely, do people still have a Sunday best? Probably a fading part of our culture :)

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