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Aeons – Solstice


English: Inti Raimi, the festival of winter so...

English: Inti Raimi, the festival of winter solstice and the beginning of the year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it filters through
in the mornings,
before anyone else arises.

It warms my cheek,
right arm and shoulder,
by way of
the dusty windowpane.

It will do the same
as it has done
for aeons.

The winter solstice.

Polly Robinson © 2013

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40 thoughts on “Aeons – Solstice

  1. love how the warmth of the sun comes through the dusty windowpane… and so comforting that she does day after day after day…

  2. There is comfort in the idea of eternal repetition you evoke in you poem, Polly!

  3. Lovely morning ~ I like the warmth seeping in ~

  4. Round and round, or there and back ?
    Wish we could say the same of human life.
    Still another two weeks to go before things are looking up.

  5. nice…feels good doesnt it…smiles…i like how you described it coming in through the window and the feel on you arm…it was very comforting….

  6. the big chill has hit America, even in the Southern states, so that warmth through yonder window breaks, & it is lovely to capture it within poetics, where it can continue to fan our creative flames.

  7. It really is very comforting that things continue to happen as they always have, isn’t it? At least I find it so.

  8. I have a favorite couch to catch those afternoon sunbeams. Thanks for a warming thought.

  9. I can almost feel the warmth of this lovely verse as I read it. BEAutiful!

  10. This is lovely, and I hope for some of those warm rays tomorrow. But I’m also reminded that I must tend to my own dusty windowpanes. See? This is where my mind takes me… ;)

  11. Lovely and surprising, Polly. K.

  12. That cool warmth you can find in that slanting sun.. Sounds very nice.

  13. The drama mildly of an annual happening brings back the memories of yesteryears through the dusty window panes. It never varies! Nicely Polly!


  14. I struggle a little until the winter solstice – I need that promise that days will get longer again. Darkness gets to me, no matter how cosy things are inside. You capture so well the timelessness of it, though.

  15. To me, solstice and advent work together to create an atmosphere of warmth and light; I could do without the presents….nicely written ;)

  16. you sure that wasn’t snow on the window pane?

  17. Lovely. The sun was a bit like this early this morning… Well, early by my definition of a Sunday morning!

  18. heh-heh ;) it’s that time of year :)

  19. best wishes from the Summer side. =)

  20. I love when it touches your shoulder. : )

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