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Wraiths of Morning


Ground mist rises,
wraithlike, weird,
fixed on the flood meadows;
it lies low, lingers,
a vapour to vanish
as if it never was.

Oaks and hornbeams reach
for rose and sombre slate
dawning clouds,
lacily stretching
leaf bare branches,
dancing silhouettes.

Polly Robinson © 2013

Three Trees

Three Trees (Photo credit: John Carleton)

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19 thoughts on “Wraiths of Morning

  1. Lovely play on words here. I love the intricate pictures that the bare branches reveal this season.

  2. Travelling over Carrington Bridge in Worcester this morning the views were stunning. Thanks for your comments, Marina :)

  3. This is great, Polly. I loved the melancholy feel to it.

  4. Judicious lyrical detail dresses this image to perfection. Greatly enjoyed, thank you.

  5. Lovely and yes sad. Great detail, it touched me, thank you.

  6. Like richardankerswrites said, I like the melancholy this invokes. Sometimes melancholy can be quite inviting, don’t you think?

  7. Awesome! I was able to visualize this very well!

  8. Just beautiful Polly, I can feel it…you put me right there with your words! :)

  9. shilouett dancing…so cool….ah they really look as if they would dance…nice magic in this..

  10. OOH what a HAUNTING poem! Your such a wonderful Poet! HEY Happy Holidays from mine to yours! And thank you for your friendship.

    • Why, thank ‘ee kindly ma’am, she said :)

      Winter greetings to you, too, Jasmine. It’s been a good year made special by new friendships such as yours :)


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