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No Small Trifle


christmas tree

First, my apologies for being a tad absent for the past six months. I shall do better next year – once I’ve moved house.

Here is a revision of a poem I wrote at this time of year in 2012.

2013 has brought unimagined changes – and has been … shall we say, ‘more than challenging’ – but the message in this poem remains the same: look to the future. This will be my last post until the New Year – I go with Lucy and Di to celebrate Christmas in a seaside cottage.

I wish everyone all the best for Christmas, enjoy it wherever you are and whatever you do. And good vibes for the New Year – here’s hoping that 2014 will live up to our expectations.

No Small Trifle

T’was the night before Christmas
and, in our house,
nothing was stirring,
no rat, bat or mouse.
But mousse made appearance
and trifle with cream.
It’s Christmas Eve,
time to fantasise, dream.
The tree is waiting
for baubles and balls,
holly and ivy
to deck up the halls.
Home is so … homely
at Christmas
and neat,
with carpets fresh vacuumed
and dusting complete.
Parsnips, potatoes,
sprouts and fine wine,
sherry and cabbage
and walnuts sublime;
bacon and turkey,
pudding and snow,
pigs in their blankets,
tree lights all aglow.
I’ve laid the wreaths for the parents long gone;
yesterday’s garland a baby’s swan song.
Christmas memories of bygone years.
Now, look to the future,
enjoy a few beers.

Polly Robinson © 2013

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46 thoughts on “No Small Trifle

  1. Has a real Christmassy feel – you may have inspired me to write a pre-Christmas poem – although our house is such a royal mess that I think I need to be in someone else’s cottage! We Christmasfied it last weekend with my nephews but we have bare plaster strips and the old fashioned décor we inherited – as I can’t start a decorating fund just yet! (It would help if I had put the empty dec boxes back away, sorted out the 3 boxes of evicted classroom goods that have been homeless since 2012 and the pile of bags that came from my car when it was serviced in November, the laundry which is on the airer and the settee dumping ground for work bags during the week – good job I never have time to sit down at home isn’t it! ;)
    Have a Merry Christmas and a reedin’ good NY!
    See you in 2014 x

  2. Love it that I may have inspired you, Nina :)
    Wishing you a brilliant Christmas – and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the New Year xx

  3. Happy house moving – or at least, be happy once you are moved and unpacked…

  4. A Christmas in a seaside cottage sounds lovely. Have a wonderful time. And I loved the Christmas poem. Helped get me even more into the spirit. :)

  5. Wishing you and yours a wonderful and memorable holidays Polly! :)

  6. Love it, it really captures the essence of Christmas.

    Good luck with the house move, and a cottage by the sea with friends sounds sublime. Sending my love and best wishes to you :)

  7. Lots of love, Polly. Hope Christmas is good for you, Lucy and Di – you deserve it. And all good wishes for 2014. It WILL be good!

  8. Have a lovely, rejuvenating Christmas, Polly, and see you in the New Year for a creative and productive time!! xx

  9. Lovely take on an old poem. Well done, it made me smile.

  10. I’ve just read this thinking “what a lovely poem” and “dear lord, my house isn’t like that”. I send you love and whatever else you need for Christmas and what 2014 brings x

  11. no rats? whoops…

  12. Good poem Polly! All the best in the new year!

  13. Wonderful Christmas feelings,inspiring a heart warming.Have a joyous Christmas season.jalal

  14. Sounds so in the spirit!. Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

  15. A clever, delicious & joyous semi-parody of “The Night Before Christmas”. Happy Holidays 2013 & Lucky New Year 2014…

  16. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Polly and I hope you have a terrific New Year! :)

  17. Hope all is well, Polly–this is a very charming poem and I hope the reality was as good, and that 2014 brings all you hope. K.

  18. Thank you, Polly and I’m so glad that book was liked! Take care and best wishes. K.

  19. Polly, what fun! Save me a nibble and I shall bring the wine… :)

  20. Such a great and lively way to translate an old favorite into a current one! Hope yours was marvelous! Happy New Year, too. Thanks! Robin

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