Writings and Witterings

The Journey


Riding from far North they came
through snow and sleet and sheeting rain.
Ice formed behind them, frosted, cracked
red dragon scales, in parts, looked blacked.
On wings sheer clipped, their fire breath quenched,
onward, moving South, they went.

Flying ahead of the sunset West:
werewolves; sprites in fiery vests;
pixies pointing ears to learn
where coal black jackdaws crash and burn.
There is no place to hide.

Then from the sunrise in the East
the faerie queen on bounding beast
the size of which sees grown elves weep.
They hear her voice so light (though deep)
control the slavering ride.

Inch by inch from the dry drought South
carrying dead sheep in its mouth
the Kraken, skin scabbed, wracked and ripped
scouts for the havering hare who nips
at the frail fingers of sylvan wamblers.

Polly Robinson © 2014

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26 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Wonderful fantasy elements. :)

    By the way, I love your header. Is this place near you?


    • Ha! The fae are never far away :)

      Glad you love my blog header, it’s a picture of Laugharne, about 130 miles away. Dylan Thomas lived and worked there. It is simply beautiful with some of the best walks in the UK – such a varied landscape, but that’s Wales for you.


  2. Very stirring Polly! It reminds me of a piece I read as a child called The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. As always, well done!

    You are such a tease knowing already how much I wish to see Wales! :)


  3. You have the whole bunch here Polly! Excellent!


  4. oh heck.. now that is a journey – and all kinds of fancy creatures showing up… nice bit of fantasy here polly


  5. This one has a fire in its belly! Thanks for checking in, I have been very busy with school and unable to keep up with blogging and social media. I hope this finds you very well and dancing with imagination’s delights.


    • Things have been and continue to be challenging – I shall be moving house and hope that when it happens I’ll be back on the blog in a more regular way. Like you, I’ve been unable to keep up for a while. Hope all is well with you and yours. Good to see you, Anna. x


  6. Wonderful poem, so imaginative.


  7. slavering! love this, Polly. it is epic. both lyrical and musical with an imaginative touch that is quite stunning.


  8. Epic visuals and nice weaving of words.


  9. The beginning of legend. k.


  10. Wonderful, Polly! It’s lovely to read some pure fantasy poetry, and you do it so well. :-)


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