Writings and Witterings



Her ex thought that a man
who sent her private messages
was weird.

Did he think that when he sent
private messages to women
he was weird?

Polly Robinson © 2014

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20 thoughts on “Weird

  1. Ah, nothing like the old double standard… :)

    I could write volumes on the ex-. However, I’m too busy having fun!

  2. That is a question for the ages! Philosophers have to eat you know!

  3. I love how you nailed the double standard Polly!

  4. LOL Yep! ;)

  5. The eye of that darned beholder again Polly…

  6. Polly, so true. But you know, the man is always right (not)! What is it about people who, biblically speaking, are so busy with the splinter in another’s eye, they don’t pay attention to the log in their own? Great observation, short and sweet. Loved it. Amy

  7. It’s all been said above… ;)

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