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I’ve revised one of my favourite poems, first written in 2011 this is the latest version.

My Sweet Rose (or The Soul of the Rose) John William Waterhouse

My Sweet Rose (or The Soul of the Rose)
John William Waterhouse


Radiant beauty,
goddess of the spring,
scent of the rose
against your brow’s wing;
fertile maid of life… and of death.

She meanders in meadows
of fragrant flowers,
roses, violets, hyacinths in bowers.
She’s seized, snatched,
carried off;
stolen by Hades
in a golden

And Demeter weeps.

Odysseus at the House of Death
sees a wraith
to make one ache.

becomes the curse of dead souls.
Men distrust her six months here,
six months there.

It is said:
“This is no deception sent by Queen Persephone,
this is the way of mortals when we die.”

Feel the horror queen’s light breath.

But wait!
A kindness yet,
to let the souls return.

Springtime Goddess of Rebirth -
mystery initiations -
sudden depressions give way to the mysteries,
a better life,
a different fate after death.

Repeat to the beginning,
seeds of the fruits
of the field.
All shall return.

She is the painted winecup,
she is: life and death,
wife, daughter,
innocence, wisdom,
death and rebirth.

And she stole the beautiful Adonis!
Oh yes!  A psychopomp…
with pomegranate seeds

and blessings
for wisdom and tranquillity.

is not evil
’tis a cycle
for good.

Polly Robinson © 2014

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11 thoughts on “Persephone

  1. ‘Tis a beautiful poem, Polly! It is as rich as the wine inside the painted wine cup ~ overflowing with an abundance of colour and divine images. :-)


  2. What a lovely set of comments, Angela, thank you. I love the pre-Raphs, and there’s something about this painting that speaks to me. Glad you like the poem – somehow when you’ve worked and reworked them, they become more special :)


  3. The queen of the underworld! Nice one Polly!


  4. I still love this one :)


  5. Gorgeous! You paint us a picture of words, thank you!


    • Do you enjoy creating ekphrastic poems Kirsten? I find other art forms so inspiring – thought-provoking.
      Thanks for your comments.


      • I had to look up the word, but yes I do :-) Although many of my poems are written first and then I find a picture to match.


        • Goodness, that’s clever. I find that art often acts as a prompt or inspiration – I guess / hope my poems will show that… :)


  6. Hey Polly — I always find the story of Persephone so sad–the mother’s longing, the husband’s coveting–just a very difficult, human story–so interesting here, thanks. k.


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