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Thought you might like to see a couple of the letters I received from young people I spent time with in a Living Library; so thrilling to receive – such polite youngsters, great to talk to and a credit to their school.

I especially like that they felt inspired to write a lovely poem, how humbling, and what a smashing poem. It’s good to see that they found new words. And don’t you just love the way the one says ‘ you may or may not have heard of this book': The Odyssey :)

Letter Living Lib 1 Letter Living Lib 2Polly at Living Library

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30 thoughts on “Living Library

  1. Those are so sweet! I imagine many children would love your poetry, because you put fun stuff in it. And I’m sure that’s just what you’re going for. “Fun stuff.” ;)

    • It was so lovely to chat with the children Carrie – they all have favourite writers and know the stories by heart. This was the second year for me at the Living Library, such a privilege :)

  2. That’s awesome! I so agree with them on your beautiful writings :)

  3. Their parents and teachers have every reason to be proud of these children – so refreshing to meet young, polite and considerate children.

  4. How lovely and genuinely gratifying! Those are the best kind of readers.

  5. Polly, what a wonderful gift. You have given them and enabled them to give their own works in return. Encouraging a child to grow and learn is such a precious gift! :) x

  6. This is the new generation, and it seems we’ve got a good bunch coming in. Makes me happy.

  7. very cool… and the living library sounds cool as well… sounds like they enjoyed their time with you

    • heh-heh… I certainly enjoyed my time with them – keen on Lemony Snicket, I found and some were reading The Odyssey – I was impressed! :)

  8. How lovely. The must have really enjoyed your time with them. I have never heard of a Living Library before – great idea.

    • I’d never heard the term until last year Libby – it’s the brainchild of Linda Bromyard who’s the librarian at the school – the youngsters love it, and so do the writers lucky enough to be invited along. :)

  9. How fantastic Polly, so wonderful you passing on your passion inspiring students. A moment no doubt they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. A beautiful gift you’ve given them! :)

  10. Aw Polly this is so special, you must be glowing inside and out. How did you become involved with the living library?

    • The Librarian, Linda Bromyard, invited me last year and again this year – she’s so keen for the children to meet writers, a real encourager. We’re so lucky to have her :)

  11. Absolutely precious, Polly. What fun to get to go talk with children at the Library! I chuckled at the comment about The Odyssey.

  12. This is wonderful, Polly! :D

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