Writings and Witterings



Four am and the filter of dark,
light on, open door, test weather.
Mild chill, April.
A turn on the terrace,
breeze on cheek flings hair in eyes,
leaves flick,
click, click, flick,

tumbling, fumbling,

stumbling around…

they meet on a horsehair mat,
to be gathered,
The bonfire in the field
will welcome,
smokily yearn, scentily burn,
Four am, dark still, mild chill
breeze turns to wind,
shuffles, scuffles through oaks,





falling deeper
through a silhouette
of naked branches,
stark now against a lightening sky,
falling to a bird table
that will cater to,
coal tits, greenfinches
robins and the squirrel.

Polly Robinson © 2014

35 thoughts on “Later

  1. I love this, Polly.


  2. A good time to be writing and a good description of the time.

  3. Ah Polly, I thought I was alone at that hour… :) Nice job!

  4. A very atmospheric Piece Polly! I love the use of the layout for some of the words. Very effective :)

  5. Love this Polly and I admire your talent for using words so creatively :)

  6. I see the sun rise through your words nicely done.

  7. Wonderful! Loved how you used the staggering, dropping letters to simulate the fall.

  8. some of my very favorite aspects of poetry are here in this one of yours– pre-dawn, breezes which I can feel while reading, delightful cadences, and the promise of birds!

    • There is something very special about that time of day, a mystery and romance, the promise of the day to come. Thank you for your comments Jane, glad you enjoyed it.

  9. nice… i love the early morning hours… so much magic in those half-awake moments

  10. The leaves seem all that is not on hiatus as they attempt connection . Quite poignant. K.

  11. Wonderful, as always, Polly. I liked the formatting of the poem – especially the “drops!”

  12. Nice snapshot of your world I love the breeze shuffling, scuffling through oaks and then drops…could just hear it happen. Beautiful!

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