Writings and Witterings

9th May 1989


The lull before the storm.
The port before the call.
The knowledge of defeat.
The spirit’s downward fall.

A gradual repair.
A jigsaw in the round.
Retrieve the final piece.
Regain momentum found.

Rebuild a shattered dream.
Rekindle, light a spark.
Rehouse, and start again,
and you will leave your mark.

Polly Robinson © 1989

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28 thoughts on “9th May 1989

  1. Oh I know this cycle well – I like that you finished with the positive.

  2. Picking ourselves up after a fall–kind of the pattern of life, isn’t it?

  3. Oh dear–a very poignant poem really. I am wondering if May 9 is an anniversary. But there’s a great deal of resilience too! k.

  4. Wonderful, Polly. :)

  5. insightful and delightful.

  6. sometimes it’s def. time to rebuilt… be it a house or a relationship or a work or a whole new life..

  7. What a positive poem – it gives me hope :D

  8. Rebuilding and recreating can be monumental tasks but sometimes the results can blow us away. Wonderful poem Polly!

    I cannot thank you enough for going through all those old posts and reading them. Merci beaucoup!

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