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Can’t wait to tell you…


Yippee! I have a micro-residency! Here:

Croome Court, Worcestershire

Croome Court, Worcestershire

I am thrilled – my application to work with the lovely peeps at Croome Court on their project ‘Soul to Sole’ has been accepted :) I had a lovely day at Croome yesterday, a group of artists were shown around the gardens and the house by knowledgeable guides, then we discussed plans for our character’s shoe boxes with Clare and Tom, the Creative Director at Croome. I plan to be writing two poems, one about Anne Somerset, the wife of the 2nd Earl, and one about William Dean, the Head Gardener in the 18th century.

You can find out more about the project and see Creative Director, Tom Bennett’s, blog about the first stage of the project here and you can find out more about Croome Court here

Wish me luck, folks, just one or two poems to write now… :)

This building may feature in one of the poems… guess which one?

Temple Greenhouse at Croome Court

Temple Greenhouse at Croome Court

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19 thoughts on “Can’t wait to tell you…

  1. Congratulations Polly, sounds wonderful :)

  2. Congratulations, Polly. How exciting! Croome Court is brilliant!

  3. Thanks Andy, I think it will be fun – and rather good to have work shown in a National Trust property, Croome Court is so beautiful with lots of restoration work going on. They’re making a great job of it. So my poems will be in a lighted (should that be lit?) box with shoes appropriate to my characters :)

  4. Brilliant, Polly, congrats!!! XX

  5. Congrats Polly! Good luck!

  6. How exciting for you. Congratulations Polly on another job well done! :)

  7. How wonderful for you. Congratulations.

  8. Congratulations, Polly! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and the venue seems perfect.

  9. Congratulations – what a fantastic opportunity! Enjoy!! (I’m well jel!) :)

  10. heh-heh, hello my ‘well jel’ friend! Thanks for your congrats, it is a great opportunity – and they’re nice peeps! What more could I ask?

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