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Mañana Seaside Days


It’s the right time of year for one of my personal favourites – hope you like it too.

Searching the Rock Pools Leslie Stones (www.lesliestones.co.uk)

Searching the Rock Pools Leslie Stones (www.lesliestones.co.uk)

Mañana Seaside Days

Seaside siblings and a crèche of cousins,
Deckchair damsels dashing hopes of dozens,
Countless crabby tickled toes a’paddling,
Rock pools – splash! – soft sands in sunlight dazzling,
Scabby shins sprawl sandily, stickily,
Toes touch, tease towel tents, torment trickily,
Lulling listening, laughs linger lacily,
Sunshine shimmers on sunhats racily,
Seagulls sigh while seashells gleam and glitter,
Hot sunny seaside days, sparkling sitters,
Slosh, slosh shallows, shush shushing shingle hosts
Mañanaseaside days at Cornish coast.


Polly Robinson © 2012

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17 thoughts on “Mañana Seaside Days

  1. This makes me want to go to the beach and laze around all day… Thanks for the visual wordplay!

  2. Unfortunately, my tongue is now in traction! Just kidding but I wouldn’t want to read it quickly. Some create rhyme that is so forced yet yours rides smoothly like the little “waves” of the Mediterranean. As natural as the setting you paint. :) x

    • heh-heh, you remind me of the workshop where I read this poem. One old lady was most put out ‘far too much alliteration’ she said. ‘Au contraire,’ said I, it’s the waves and the rhythm of the sea. ‘Nonsense,’ she replied, ‘and seagulls don’t sigh, they screech.’
      It probably says something about me, but the poem remained exactly as it was on that day. And it remains one of my favourites to read in the summer :)

  3. I do indeed like it. I love it for the images it evokes, especially since I’m SO ready for summer.

    • Ah, well, maybe this will help you get in the mood for summer – we were enjoying some lovely sunshine, but now we’re overcast and grey… I’ll read this poem again in readiness – glad you like the images it evokes and thanks for your comments.

  4. I love this poem Polly – it always reminds me of playing in rock pools as a little girl :)


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