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Dream On


Oh! I dream of the day I have my own home
maybe thatched, with roses around the door.
It’s up a sandy, sheltered lane, with a path of loam
soft under my naked feet: a yielding, moving floor.

I have time to write, I have time to stare,
no demands and no choices to make.
Time for nothing, to go nowhere.
No emails, no letters, no time for fakes.

I think of what I have now,
and will let go for my dreams of the future.
A home of my own, a salve to my brow.
It’s a long time coming; I’m not a trooper.
I’m waiting to move, and how.

I don’t wish to journey my life away,
to a place I see in my dreams.
The place I’ll call home is where friends can stay.
It’s the place I’ll return to wherever I roam.
My home, my soon to be, home.

Polly Robinson © 2014

In response to Abhra’s prompt in dVerse poets Poetics : Around the world today – it’s the place for poets to visit, you will be glad you have.

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60 thoughts on “Dream On

  1. Beautiful..to seek the place to call home :)

  2. I feel the same way about home. It has to be a place where friends can stay. Nicely written!

  3. smiles…i hope you get that home…sounds like a lovely place…and i think having all that time
    would be a wonderful thing as well…a home and a good friend or friends…what more could you ask for…ha

  4. You will get it I feel certain. It sounds so lovely!

  5. very sweet write… A place to call is a blessing… Hope you get that soon!

  6. very sweet write… A place to call *home is a blessing… Hope you get that soon!

  7. May that place you see in your dreams become a reality. :)

  8. a charming and poignant poem, polly. k.

  9. A home like that.. I like the way to go barefoot on a yielding floor.. Hope you get that home..

  10. I can understand the sentiment – and hope you find that special place… I’ve had to come to terms with never really having a place like that, of being an eternal nomad. The thatched cottage with roses at the door has such a powerful pull on the imagination, doesn’t it?

    • Moving house makes one feel like an eternal nomad, or, if like me, your work has always taken you away, home becomes almost a figment of the imagination. My next move will hopefully become the home I’d love to have – fingers crossed ‘eh Marina :)

  11. I love that home is where friends can stay–very inviting and cozy!

  12. The nomadic life can be romantic for some but you really need a place to call your own sometimes.

    • If work takes you away, home becomes almost lost… my next move should become the home I’d love to have – I’m hoping that day isn’t too far away – you’ll know when it happens, Joe :)

  13. happy journey to your home….the best place on earth…beautiful lines…

  14. Polly that was beautiful and very moving. That home is out there waiting for you and it sounds like the way I feel about where I am here in France.
    Until last night, there were three names in the mix. A friend and I hashed it out and I thought you deserve to be the first to know. I have decided to go with La Chatte Noir Presse. :) xxx

  15. Reblogged this on poetry, photos and musings oh my! and commented:
    Polly, I know that dream is waiting for you just as mine was.

  16. I could definitely picture your English cottage in your words. A place where friends feel at home sounds perfect. A lovely write.

  17. Oh, this is beautiful. I love the picture you’ve made of your dream home–with roses and a sandy lane!

  18. “A beautiful dream, an idyllic projection, a heartfelt goal–have been a gypsy most of my life, but the last 22 years I have put down roots in one place; and now that I’m retired, with all the Me time I desire, you have described a lot of my days; wonderful response to the prompt. Of course, once you have your “home”, & the honeymoon is over, then you do have to repair the roof, plumbing, painting as well; like a good marriage it requires maintenance to sustain the dream.

    • Aw… what lovely comments you made, Glenn… and then you had to go and spoil it with a touch of reality! heh-heh :) Glad you enjoyed ‘Dream On’.

  19. nice…. it’s precious to have a place we call home where we can just be and enjoy the company of guests as well

  20. Lovely!! I would like to go to this place too!

  21. Polly… let your mind take you there daily… sometimes are dreams are more delightful than reality of cleaning all that sand up…. LOL

  22. This is simply lovely! I, too, would love to have the time to do nothing! And a home where friends can stay sounds oh so warm and comfortable!

  23. Like this one Polly. Makes me want to shut my eyes and picture a wonderful little place to write in this beautiful house. I will share the house with you and we can meet occasionally in the garden to inspire each other and then drink wine with our friends….

  24. To every season — turn, turn, turn — everything you wish and want comes to you in its time. Pluses and minuses in each. Enjoy the now and I pray for your idyll to come true!

  25. I love the cosy image your words paint in your lovely poem Polly. I love the line “soft under my naked feet, a yielding moving floor”. Too many “homes” Ive visited are not bomes; they are mere houses and there is a huge difference x

  26. What a lovely home you describe. I find a house without books has no hope of being a home, nor one where everything is ‘just so’ as if it is straight out of a magazine. A home has heart, does it not? I wish you success in finding yours!

  27. Can I move into the neighbourhood too ? :)

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